Permaculture Stuff

TreeYo Permaculture Edu

This is a great permaculture resource summarizing much theory and explaining it with the help of real-life examples, compiled by our friend Doug Crouch.


One of the biggest permaculture forums on the web!

Permaculture Research Institute

The non-profit permaculture educational center run by renowned permaculture designer Geoff Lawton. A great resource for all kinds of information.

We The Trees

A crowdfunding platform that has a focus on permaculture and other environmental, social change, and educational campaigns.

Plant World Seeds

These guys are located in England and have a huge variety of quality seeds that they ship worldwide, in a package marked as a gift so that it will even reach you in ‘critical’ countries.

Seed Savers Exchange

A non-profit organization that saves and sells an unbelievable variety of organic heirloom seeds. This is a great site to order your seeds from if you are located in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico, although they also take international orders if you are planning to spend more than US$100.

Seed Freedom

A network of people and organizations defending seed freedom and resisting the spread of GMOs.

The Wild Spirit Project

This is Valentin’s own envisioned permaculture project – a space to experiment with an alternative lifestyle that prioritizes living joyfully and in harmony with our planets and all its inhabitants!

On the web


This is our webhosting provider who’s servers run on Greenpeace energy and who offers competitive hosting packages.


A search engine that, unlike other search engines, does not track you, does not create filter bubbles and that invests all of its profits in reforestation. That means that your searches contribute to growing trees!


An email provider that does not sell your data (like almost all other email clients do), uses 100% Greenpeace energy to power their servers, and only costs €1 per month!


WordPress is an open source software that serves as an extremely versatile back-end system for creating Websites and Blogs. This website is also running on WordPress.