We are a group of permaculturists, making our way from one permaculture project to anther to gain experience for our own project. On this blog we share the know-how we are gaining along the way in easily digestible step-by-step how-to guides. These are simple and effective permaculture methods and techniques that you can use in your daily life.

About Permaculture

Permaculture can be understood as a holistic philosophy that encompasses humans, the land with all its beings, as well as the connection between the the two. The central element of permaculture is responsibility: toward oneself, toward other people and beings, toward the land, and toward the planet as such. Permaculture understands our planet and all its beings as a whole: a system that can only function if all its elements are respected and nurtured. In applying permaculture, both on a small and on a large scale, it has proved has proved to be an alternative that allows to produce food sustainably, while at the same time counteracting global problems such as water shortages and the destruction of soils. Find out more about the permaculture philosophy on our permaculture page

The authors

  • Valentin is living in Berlin (Germany) and finishing his Masters in Organic Agricultural Management. While looking for a suitable piece of land for a permaculture project in the periphery of Berlin, he is gathering more knowledge and experimenting with a sustainable lifestyle in the city.

  • Charlotte is currently living in Brighton (UK) where she is doing a masters in Ecological Design. Meanwhile she is experimenting with sustainable living and making her own cosmetic products. After her masters she wants to return to Berlin and get started on her own permaculture project.

  • Jan is living in Kassel (Germany) at the moment. He is studying Organic Agriculture in Witzenhausen, experimenting with vegetable gardening and worm-composting in his own garden, and gathering knowledge and strength to engage in a permaculture project of his own.