We are a collective of permaculture enthusiasts and on this blog we share some of the concepts and practical know-how we are gaining on our life-journeys. This blog is all about sharing ideas about tools and concepts, our own experiences and viewpoints as well as simple and effective permaculture methods and techniques that you can use in your daily life.


Permaculture is a holistic philosophy that encompasses humans, the land with all its beings, as well as the connections between them. The central element of permaculture is responsibility: toward oneself, toward other people and beings, toward the land, and toward the planet as such. Permaculture understands our planet and all its beings as a whole: a system that can only function if all its elements are respected and nurtured. Permaculture is a mindset that encourages finding practical solutions that are appropriate to problems or outcomes, specific to a given location in a certain context at a given time.

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The authors

  • Valentin is living in Berlin and after finishing his degree in Organic Agricultural Management last spring, he is currently working in organisational development as an innovation consultant. Meanwhile, Valentin is experimenting with a sustainable city-lifestyle, while planning his own permaculture community project.

  • Charlotte is currently living in Brighton, U.K. She has just completed her M.A. in Sustainable Design, focusing on the relationship between design and wellbeing. Being a certified yoga teacher, she combines yoga with sustainable living.

  • Carlotta is studying Liberal Arts and Sciences in Maastricht. She is very excited about dumpster diving, food sharing, and reducing waste. While still experimenting with more sustainable and mindful lifestyles, she is also interested in the mental and physical well-being of people.